Artful Kids


Type: Art & Design
Ages: 1-80yrs
Cost: Costs range from 1,200 HKD upwards for a six week course. Please visit website for furhter details on packages and prices.

Useful Dates

Throughout the year. Please call or email to find out the next available session.


ARTFUL KIDS has made a conscious decision to develop and structure the classes as ‘Unstructured Play’. We feel that in todays society, globally as well as in Hong Kong, parents are put under pressure to put their children into many activities that consistently have teacher led activities, these tend to also be time driven.

We do see a need for this, however it’s essential to balance out the different types of activities our children are exposed to. Commonly our children, from a really young age are over-scheduled, with little time to ‘Play’.
More and more evidence is proving that ‘Play’ is an integral part of a childs’ development, and lack of it can have detrimental effects. We understand that in Hong Kong, very few have back gardens or other outdoor areas that allow our children to ‘ just play’. Our studio has been carefully designed to encourage children to take ownership of their own ‘Play’. They will have free choice in a creative and artistic environment, where they can Paint, D

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