HK Island Stingrays Swim Club


Type: Sports
Ages: 4-30yrs
Cost: Varied - please check website for further details.

Useful Dates

Fall Registration for 2019-2020 is now open!


Stingrays Development Series
Participation in Swimming Competition is an important part of being a member of Stingrays. It is the only true way for an athlete in this sport to test themselves: physically, mentally and emotionally. Swim Competition provides an opportunity to gauge development in terms of conditioning, skill acquisition, race pacing etc. However, Swim Competition should be primarily focused on fun, enjoyment and the thrill of competing.

The Stingrays Development Series is the entry level for most swimmers. It is a chance to test out your skills with your own club. These events will be held on either Friday/Saturday/Sunday as scheduled. These dates may still be subject to alteration by the coaching staff. All swimmers will be entered for all races that they qualify for.

Stingrays Development Series will be swum in a mixed format there will be entry consideration times for all events (table on next page). You will have to complete a graduation time to move into the

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