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Type: Enrichment
Ages: 9-16yrs
Cost: $600 per hour plus a one-off processing fee of $1500

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Online 11+, 13+ and GCSE Private Tutoring
We take the stress away and teach success, one student at a time. Our students learn winning ways and the habit of achievement. Prep School Tutor provides specialist teachers who motivate students to learn regardless of ability, giving confidence to those who find the classroom a challenge and giving direction to those who have lost their way or simply need a boost. Prep School Tutor is here to explain the intricacies of the UK admissions system, to provide outstanding teachers who care and ultimately to ease the way to exam success.

Our niche is firstly in preparing children for pre-test assessments, which are growing ever more popular as part of the major public schools entry system. We then continue to guide children through 11+ and 13+ Common Entrance Exams and Scholarship exams as well. In the last couple of years, we have expanded with growing demand to include teaching IGCSE across a broad subject range as well.

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A Parent's Perspective

Prep School Tutor and Penny Whitwell, its principal, provides a one-stop shop, in terms of prime quality hand-picked tutors of a broad range of school subjects at all levels that will help support students in their school studies whether generally, or targeted at specific examination needs.

As Parents, We Love...

  • Dealing with Penny for her understanding (as a teacher and parent herself) and the broad range of tutored subjects available, in particular, that one tutor can offer to teach more than one subject which makes it easier to co-ordinate and schedule.
  • Quality of the tutors and teaching.
  • Ease and efficiencies of skype tutorials and their flexibility in times/scheduling.

Our Children Love...

  • Their tutors!
  • Being taught in the comfort of their own home.
  • Skyping/working on the computer.

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